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Robot Vision Group
State Key Laboratory
 of Robotics

Shenyang Institute
of Automation

Chinese Academy
 of Sciences

Nanta Street 114
110016 Shenyang
P. R. China

Tel: +86 24 23970491
Fax: +86 24 23970021
Email: tianjd@sia.cn
Office: R217

Prof. Dr.Jiandong Tian,

Research interests£º

Illumination and Reflectance Modeling
, image processing, pattern recognition.

Breif Bio.

  Jiandong Tian received his B.S. degree in the department of automation, Heilongjiang University, P.R.China, in 2005. In 2011 he received a doctor's degree in Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Currently he is a professor in Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. His research interests include robot vision, illumination modeling, image processing, and pattern recognition. [Full CV]

Download of source codes and dataset:

1.MATLAB Source Code for Shadow detection

2.Dataset for DeshadowNet:A Multi-context Embedding Deep Network for Shadow Removal(CVPR 2017)
[Test dataset]   [Training dataset will come soon...]

3. Shadow Detection Dataset for Evaluation of shadow features


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R&D Projects:

1) Multimode perception system for Tri-Co robots on complicated illuminations and weather
Principal Investigator
Project Funding: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Illumination modeling and its invariant algorithms for computer vision
Principal Investigator

Project Funding: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Physical and imaging properties of outdoor shadow and its removal methods
Principal Investigator
Project Funding: National Natural Science Foundation of China
4) for other projects,please refer to Projects Page of our group...