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BSc.,PhD. candidate

Robot Vision Group
State Key Laboratory
of Robotics

Shenyang Institute
of Automation

Chinese Academy
 of Sciences

Nanta Street 114
110016 Shenyang
P. R. China

Tel: +86 24 23970511
Fax: +86 24 23970021
Office: R331

Liangqiong Qu, BSc., PhD. candidate

Research interests

illumination modeling and image processing


Brief Bio.

She was born in 1990, received her B.S. degree in the department of computer, Central South University in 2011. Currently she is a PhD student in Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. From September of 2014 till March of 2016, supported by Joint PhD Programme offered by CityU and UCAS, she worked at City University of Hong Kong.



1) Liangqiong Qu, Jiandong Tian, Shengfeng He, Yandong Tang, Rynson Lau, "DeshadowNet: A Multi-context Embedding Deep Network for Shadow Removal", IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017 (spotlight oral paper)

2) Liangqiong Qu, Shengfeng He, Jiawei Zhang, Jiandong Tian, Yandong Tang, and Qingxiong Yang, "RGBD Salient Object Detection via Deep Fusion", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Volume: 26, Issue: 5, 2017, Pages: 2274 - 2285

3) Liangqiong Qu, Jiandong Tian, Zhi Han, and Yandong Tang, "Pixel-wise Orthogonal Decomposition for Color Illumination Invariant and Shadow-free Image", Optics Express,Vol.23, No.3, pp. 2220-2239,2015.

4) Liangqiong Qu, Zhigang Duan,Jiandong Tian,Yandong Tang,"Object Color Constancy For Outdoor Multiple Light Sources", Chinese Conference on Computer Vision,2015.

5) Jiandong Tian, Liangqiong Qu(joint first author), Huijie Fan, Wentao Li, Yandong Tang,"Evaluation of shadow features", IET Computer Vision (accepted)

6)Zhi Han, Jiandong Tian, Liangqiong Qu, and Yandong Tang, "A New Intrinsic-Lighting Color Space for Daytime Outdoor Images", IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (accepted)

7)Jiandong Tian, Xiaojun Qi, Liangqiong Qu, and Yandong Tang, "New Spectrum Ratio Properties and Features for Shadow Detection", Pattern Recognition, Volume 51, March 2016, Pages 85–96

R&D Projects

1) Illumination modeling and its invariant algorithms for computer vision

Project Funding: National Natural Science Foundation of China

2) Physical and imaging properties of outdoor shadow and
its removal methods

Project Funding: National Natural Science Foundation of China.